Securus Blows The Whistle On Bad Prison IT Corporations

Securus Technologies is one of America’s leading prison IT firms, a Texas-based company that has designed a wide array of solutions for correctional facility IT infrastructure. They recently acquired an A+ accreditation from the BBB. The goal behind their company is to provide communications services to inmates, while at the same time making them secure and bound by legal limits, and providing an investigative system to correctional officers and law enforcement agencies. While Securus has certainly made their share of profits in selling their programs, they’ve made transparency and integrity top priorities, and they’ve shown that they will go to any lengths to expose wrongdoing in the prison technology industry.

According to a PR Newswire press release found here, Securus has brought to light a case of a prison IT corporation defrauding clients it serviced. The company, Global Tel Link was found guilty of billing fraudulent charges on phone call durations, having their phones programmed to add extra minutes to the calls, and tampering with their phones’ rating system. This incident occurred nearly 20 years ago, but Securus president Rick Smith has held this case up as an example of how some prison telecom companies will try to take advantage of inmates and tax payers through rigging equipment. Smith has reaffirmed Securus’s commitment to integrity in its products over making profits.

Securus America has been in business since 1986, taking the lead in improving correctional communications and security. Beyond simply having a high quality prison phone and mail scanning system, Securus has even made visitations easier through videoconferencing. Their video visitation system has allowed loved ones and friends to face-to-face communication with inmates from the comfort of their own homes, making visitation more convenient and free of charge. Using Securus’s ConnectUs platform, inmates can fill out applications for video visitation as well as filing grievance reports, or placing orders for allowed purchases.

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