Securus Is Building For the Future

Securus Technologies is one of the largest prison technology companies in the United States. They provide technology solutions for prisons. In 2017 they unveiled a wireless containment solution which is designed to prevent contraband cell-phones from connecting to a network. Securus has corporate offices in Texas and Georgia. Their creative and unique solutions have cemented their place as an industry leader. They service 2200 correctional facilities across the U.S and Canada.

Securus has gained a stellar customer service reputation and is very responsive to the needs of their customer’s. Securus’ services also help to limit inmate-on-inmate crimes. Securus’ Chief Executive Officer Richard Smith states that on average they create one product that helps to solve and prevent crimes in a week.

Customers, correction professionals, also praise Securus. They contend that many crimes are prevented through inmate call monitoring. Access to an unmonitored cell-phone allows inmates to conduct criminal activities. Customers also laud Securus for their proactive approach to inmate monitoring. Their large investment breeds confidence that they will continue to be industry leaders well into the future.

Securus has had a positive influence in countless communities throughout North America. Their innovative technology and commitment to excellence ensures that they will carry their success into the future. Securus protects inmates and corrections employees alike.

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