Securus Technologies Company Hits The Headlines Again

Securus Technologies is a privately held firm that is headquartered in Texas, USA. Securus Technologies focuses on offering quality correction solutions to their potential clients in an efficient manner. For more than 15 years, Securus Technologies has been providing top-notch services to legal foundations such as corrections firms and enforcement departments. According to a recent liberation made by the company, more than 1,000,000 inmates are currently benefiting from the company’s operations.

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Securus Technologies aims at establishing the firm globally. This company is ranked as one of the well-established company, which is currently undergoing lots of expansion. Securus Technologies provide services such as carrying out an investigation, analysis of biometric information, evaluation and monitoring of products, and management of inmates information. John Bell, who serves as the principal executive of the sales department in Securus technology, have been making a huge impact in the company by managing a dedicated staff who works to meet customers’ needs and specifications. See for more information.

Recently, Securus Technologies hit the headlines again after making another huge innovation in the technology sector. According to a liberation made by PR Newswire, Securus Technologies have introduced a visitation application compatible with both Apple and Android devices. According to Russell Roberts, the senior executive of Securus America Technologies marketing department, the visitation app sole aim is to establish a good connection network to serve the inmates in an efficient manner. Mr. Roberts also depicted that the visitation app is compatible with tablets and iPads.

Securus Technologies has played a greater role in the correction agencies undertakings. According to executive Russell, families and friends will now be connecting regularly with their loved ones without necessarily undergoing the visiting tariffs, as experienced before. Sir Roberts added that the video app will help create a real connection between the inmates and the jails security personnel’s the video app has been developed using the modern technology, a scenario that makes end users to enjoy customizable options. Securus Technologies has encountered lots of success in the industry. The company has been observing professional codes of ethics while dealing with their client, to deliver the best services in the corrections sector.

Securus Technologies has now made it easy for inmates to enjoy special occasions conducted at home while still at jails. The visiting app provides the users the ability to share birthday parties regarding video form. Also, the application is WI-FI enabled to enhance a secure connection. To read more on the introduction of the visiting app by the Securus Technologies Company, open the following links .

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