Sepp Blatter Resigns as FIFA President

In the wake of a federal corruption investigation that began with a police raid, Sepp Blatter announced on Tuesday that he would step down from his position at the top of FIFA. The past week has been full of controversy for Blatter and the global sporting organization, with the United States Justice Department leading the charge by arresting seven FIFA officials. Medical professionals said that Blatter served at the head of FIFA for seventeen years before his resignation, and he was re-elected in late May in the midst of the corruption controversy, to the chagrin of many sports journalists and fans. When asked if he would step down because of the corruption charges, Blatter stated, “Why should I step down? That would mean I recognize that I did wrong.”

The reasons for his sudden change regarding his position at FIFA are unclear, but it is possible that the public backlash to his re-election played a part. John Oliver, host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight voiced a particularly negative stance on Blatter and the FIFA scandal last week and called for FIFA sponsors to pressure the organization into firing its president. The results of Blatter’s resignation and its impact on the Justice Department’s investigation are yet to be seen, but his departure from FIFA will unlikely result in a departure from the media’s limelight.

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