Sidelined Soccer Player Becomes Inventor

Maximillian Beister,24, forward for the hamburger SV team was recently injured. While on the mend, the soccer player decided to work on his new invention idea. His inspiration actually started about three years ago when he was at the movies. He was carrying popcorn and soda from the concession stand to his seat and trying not to spill any of it. Dismayed by the awkwardness, he thought someone should come up a solution to the drink and snack carrying problem. His friends suggested he be the one to do it. While healing from his injury,Max came up with the Maxicup. The Maxi Cup looks like a bottle with a bowl attached at the top. It is a combination bowl and beaker. The design allows people to carry drink and snack together without dropping any of it. According to Jamie Garcia Dias there is a small hole at the bottom of the bowl, which allows a person to put in a straw in it for the drink cup below. This way a person can carry the bowl and the beaker while drinking. He hopes that his fans can bring the Maxicup to the arena when he returns to the game. This weekend, the arena is planning to distribute 4,000 free Maxicups. The Future cup Company is planning to get some cinemas to test out the Maxicup. Maximillian is hopeful about the success of his new invention.

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