Soccer Star Joey Barton slams BBC Sports Personality of the Year

As Formula 1 World champion Lewis Hamilton basked in the glow of his BBC Sports Personality of the Year award, QPR soccer player Joey Barton took to Twitter to bemoan the award going to the two time World champion. Outspoken Barton stated his belief that Hamilton should not have won the award from the broadcaster funded by contributions from the UK taxpayer because the Mercedes driver lives in the tax exempt state of Monaco, The Independent reports.

Barton is well known in the soccer community for his hard play and often controversial statements, says fans on latest of which included the comment that Hamilton should be exempt from the award as he does not pay UK taxes. The soccer star also complained about Hamilton taking his dog to the awards show in London and the sport of Formula 1 being boring.

Questions about Hamilton’s tax status in the UK have been raised since the drivers 2007 move to Monaco. In the past, Hamilton has struck back at the tax evasion accusations by claiming to pay taxes in the UK and some of the 20 countries around the World where he makes money from driving and marketing contracts. The driver also explained that without his skills as a driver the almost 1,000 people employed by his Mercedes team would not have the jobs they currently have.

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