Spinal Injuries On The Football Field

A football player must have a healthy spine because a weak spine can cause a concussion. Over the last 25 years, cervical cord neurapraxia has been a huge concern for professional athletes. However, because the doctors at North American Spine are knowledgeable, they help players continue their careers after they have major spine injuries.

Cervical cord neurapraxia occurs when a player has a major head collision on the field. Typically, the athlete’s neck compresses or bends forward or backward with an extreme amount of force. Defensive players who must make open-field tackles usually are affect by CCN.

CCN is a spinal injury that affects an athlete’s movements. Common symptoms are tingling feet or hands, numbness, and weakness. This medical problem can affect one arm or leg or every limb. The symptoms can last for one day or for a few seconds.

According to studies, CCN affects thousands for athletes. Experts have determined that the modern football helmet is the reason why many players are injured. Although the helmet successfully protects the head, athletes have developed new playing techniques, which increase the risk of a neck injury.

In the past, spearing was another reason why athletes needed medical care at spinal clinics. When a football player was speared, the defensive player’s helmet smashed into the crown of the offensive player’s helmet. This tackling method straightens the spine improperly. As a result, force cannot be absorbed correctly in a collision.

Over time, experts understood the risk of spearing on the football field. This is why the tackling technique was banned in the 1970s. As a result, the CCN injury rate dropped on the football field.

Although spearing is no longer allowed, many players still need treatments for a variety of spinal issues. When professional athletes need spinal treatments, they contact North American Spine because the surgeons are spinal specialists.

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