Steelers Fans Kickoff New Fashion Goals

The Pittsburgh Steelers have launched a new way to interact with their fans this season: the Steelers fan wardrobe. Susan McGalla, the Steelers Director of Strategic Planning, has brought years of retail experience into the football team’s connection with its fans. The former president of American Eagle Outfitters and Wet Seal has put her ear to what people are saying about the team and how they want to wear their Steelers apparel and brought their views into marketing the new Steelers style. The new Steelers gear website is meant to simplify the buying experience in several ways. Many fans were wanting to wear what the players were wearing, whether before the game or on the sidelines. So now there are “where what we wear” signs on the website, directing fans to the same clothing their favorite player might wear. Susan McGalla has also drawn upon her prior expertise with clothing to create spin-offs on the traditional fan gear. No longer is it just jerseys and black shirts. Sport goes into street, McGalla said. Pandora is now making Steelers charms. Moms can buy their little ones pink animal print Steelers onesies. Female fans can wear something more feminine, with a little bling on the side. And men are able to find something they can wear into work, which was the biggest input from their side of the table. All of this is being put together with more social media interaction too. Steelers fans are renowned for their loyalty and willingness to go to the next level for their team, now that loyalty can pay off for some lucky fans. A new campaign called It’s Not Just Friday, It’s Steelers Friday, offers a complete Steelers wardrobe to any fan who submits the best photo wearing in Black and Gold on Fridays.

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