Success and Society with George Soros

Before he was an active philanthropist and busy fighting for voting rights, George Soros survived World War II while living in Nazi-occupied Hungary. Rising to become Chairman of the Soros Fund Management LLC headquartered in New York City, Soros’ story has been an incredible one. His journey led him to leave Hungary, eventually authoring fourteen books and becoming a successful hedge fund manager all while making philanthropical strides with Open Society Foundations. After fleeing Hungary in 1947, Soros made England his home, graduating from the London School of Economics in 1952. Upon graduation, he began his career in finance first as an entry-level investment banker in London, then moving to the United States in 1956. After gaining experience at several New York firms, Soros founded his own hedge fund company in 1973 called Soros Fund Management. Soros’ foray into this venture was hugely successful. Soros Fund Management evolved into the Quantum Fund firm, known for aggressive investments which successfully made returns upwards of 30% per year. Soros proved to be so accurate in his investments due to his talent at translating economic trends into market plays. Although he specialized in the short-term move, his big predictions always proved wildly accurate. Using his hard-earned insights, Soros churned out not one but fourteen books on the subject. His expertise has led him to become a best-selling author, with readers clamoring for his financial wisdom. His book subjects span a wide range of the global market, politics, and the economy at large. His books cover European Unions, the Crash of 2008, global capitalism, the Soviet system, and many other subjects. With his latest release in 2014, his insights continue to be fresh and relevant. In addition to his lengthy career in finance, Soros has made philanthropy a center focus in his life. Establishing his organization Open Society in 1979, Soros sought to establish open societies instead of governments following an authoritarian style of rule. He has set out to tackle this goal through a variety of ways. For example, he supports black students at the University of Cape Town in South Africa through scholarship support to give them an opportunity they may not have previously had. Soros has also begun supporting the fight against voter restrictions in the United States. Currently, there is a legal battle hoping to clear the way for more equal voting rights and Soros is ensuring Democrats have the financial backing to continue the fight. Republican-led legislation seeks to impose time restrictions on early voting and voter identifications that target the vulnerable’s right and ability to vote. Soros has noted his pride in this fight to ensure equal ground on Election Day. His philanthropy has also been a highlight of his career, crediting his success in the financial market giving him the freedom to pursue just causes. Although this work is certainly to be admired, his incredible success in the financial industry is an accomplishment that can stand on its own as well.

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