Susan McGalla’s Success in Business

There are very many people like ForbesChristian Broda who enjoy success in their careers for having achieved their targets such as becoming an executive in a company or through running a successful business. For one to get there however there has to be a lot of effort and determination. The field of business is largely dominated by men but in the recent past many women have proven that they can also claim a share and excel in the field. One such person is Susan McGalla who is an American born businesswoman. She is also an executive consultant who runs her business from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her areas of expertise include retail, marketing, strategic planning, merchandising, fashion among others.

She was born and raised in East Liverpool in the State of Ohio in a family of three where her father was a football coach for a local club. Her career in business started when she joined Mount Union College in 1982 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. After completion of her degree, she joined Joseph Horne Company in 1986 where she served in various positions in marketing and management until 1994. It is at American Eagle Outfitters a company dealing in fashion that her career got a huge boost after she rose through the ranks to become the company’s president where she oversaw the company’s growth through introduction of many brands into the market.

In 2009, her life took another turn when she decided to quit her employment to start a consultancy firm on retail and financial investment industries. After two years of private business practice, she joined The Wet Seal Inc as the chief executive officer where she oversaw reinvention and growth of two of the company’s brands, Wet Seal and Arden B. She later in 2013 founded P3 Executive Consulting firm which specialized in offering advisory services on financial matters in the retail industry. Some of the services the firm offered include talent management, product merchandising, branding among others. She is currently the director of strategic planning and growth at The Pittsburgh Steelers which is located at Greater Pittsburgh Area.

Her life and success has been termed as a great inspiration to women who are afraid to scale the success ladder. She has therefore taken the initiative of encouraging women to venture into the fields which are perceived to be male oriented. She does this with the hope that many other women will follow her trend and become successful in their careers. She is therefore considered a great inspiration to women in business and other careers. She also contributes to the community through serving as a director in various boards such as that of her former school Mount Union College. She resides in Pittsburgh together with her husband Stephen McGalla and their two children.

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