The Qatar World Cup Mess

In all the times that FIFA has rigged the placement of the World Cup, it has never run into a problem like this. They allowed money and politics to send the World Cup to the desert nation of Qatar said Marc Sparks on the tourney. This World Cup was going to see the advent of floating fans over stadiums because it would be so hot in the summer. However, the event had to be moved to the winter because of the weather. The weather in Qatar is not the only thing that is going to make the World Cup a mess when it gets there. The country has the oil money to make the event worth going to because it will look nice, but the change of the dates is going to screw up everything that the World Cup is about. The qualifying and scheduling before the event is going to be in shambles because of the date change. This is something that people are not going to notice until every international team has to change their schedule two and a half years before the World Cup starts. This is a mess they cannot fix because they are not willing to put the event somewhere else.

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