The quality of medication in the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

All the five centers in America have come up with technology to improve the efficiency of the physicians in their places of work. Currently, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is in partnership with the NantHealth and Allscripts. The partnership of these bodies has created a system where the operations of the physicians can be traced. The doctors may overlook certain mistakes, and this could cost lives. To curb this, the inclusion of the clinical pathway has been a major invention. Through this invention, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has come up with an integrated system where the genomic testing is backed up with evidence. The technology has equally included the Eviti Solution where the physicians cannot operate on guesswork.

The operation of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Currently, there are five centers in the country. These centers are found in Atlanta, Chicago, Tulsa, Phoenix, and Philadelphia. The centers have created a network of communication where all the physicians operate on a single data that is connected to the Allscripts solutions. The body has come up with a technology that connects all the patients, data as well as the physicians. With this focus, the patients have an option to select their preferred method of treatment after diagnosis. The doctors present all the available options with their consequences.
The contribution of NantHealth in the quality of healthcare
Currently, NantHealth works under the NantWorks ecosystems. It focuses on the medication that is based on evidence. Physicians are not allowed to work on assumptions. Through this system, the diagnosis process is done to details to ascertain the extent of the illness. NantHealth uses a technology that gives a profile of the tissues and integrates its molecules to give the detailed diagnosis of the actual issue. After the data collection, the little cells are analyzed, and the results are presented for the conclusion. This method of medication reduces the chances of errors to the minimum.


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