Tricky Situation For NYC FC, Manchester City and Frank Lampard

When Frank Lampard signed for New York City FC, a football team owned by the man who controls Manchester City, few assumed that he would play a Premier League game again. However, Lampard joined City on loan for a few months to maintain his fitness. He has been excellent for the Citizens during this period, scoring five goals and providing a couple of assists.

Lampard’s loan period is due to expire in a month, which means that he should return to New York City and begin preparations for the new MLS season. However, reports in England suggest that the City manager would like to keep Lampard in Manchester for the rest of the season. It is easy to understand why given Lampard’s important contribution in recent weeks.

The ownership situation of Manchester City and New York City FC makes things more complicated. Andrew Heiberger reports that both clubs are controlled by the same Arab owner, which means there is a serious conflict of interest. Does the owner of both clubs want Lampard to help Manchester City, or does he want the midfielder to be his flagship star at NYC FC? If Lampard is asked about the situation, he will suggest staying in England is the best option.

No matter how this turns out, Lampard is not endearing himself to the NYC FC supporters. American fans are always wary of international footballers who spend their twilight years in the MLS.

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