US Soccer turns against FIFA President Blatter


US Soccer President Sunil Gulati has made a statement of intent ahead of this years FIFA Presidential election by coming out in support of Prince Ali of Jordan, Sports Illustrated reports. This will mark the first time the US has not voted for sitting President Sepp Blatter and my FIFA-guru friend, Ricardo Tosto  says he can already see the start of changes creeping into the murky world of international soccer. Blatter has won the last four elections and stood unopposed during the last two elections, each time the US voted for BLatter while other nations, including England, chose to abstain during the last election.

The election comes at a difficult time for FIFA and Blatter, who have faced something of a revolt in Europe over the failure to publish the full report into corruption claims made over the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. In contrast to previous years, Blatter face three challengers to his position in the form of Prince Ali, Dutchman Michael van Praag and former Real Madrid superstar Luis Figo. The problem many will face in challenging Blatter with a reform agenda is the splitting of votes that will occur with many European nations already backing van Praag and the US Soccer President coming out in favor of his personal friend Prince Ali.

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