We’re Not Very Good At Soccer

The problem with USSoccer is that we are not very good at it. All the niche sports have their own Olympic training programs. We can get kids into those sports in spades, but they are not sacrificing millions in a more attractive sport to do something like figure skating, wrestling, skiing or gymnastics. When kids choose soccer, they are bound to lose money.

When kids are choosing their sports, they might play soccer as kids just because it’s fun. However, they know that their best chance at making a big change in their life is to play baseball, basketball or football. Our best athletes do not play soccer. Most of the people who make the national team would never succeed in any other sport. However, if we took all our best athletes and put them on the soccer team, they would succeed. Imagine Kevin Durant playing midfield. That is a winner even huge sports fans like Paul Mathieson agree. LeBron James in goal. No one would ever score on him. However, we do not do that in America. It is ok, but we need to accept it. We are not very good at soccer, and a fall in the FIFA rankings is not at all surprising to anyone.

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