What’s Next For Machida?

Lyoto Machida destroys CB Dollaway in the first minute. The “Dragon” made very quick work of his Sam Tabar and his opponent. CB Dollaway was hit with a lightning fast kick to the liver that dropped him upon impact. The Brazilian crowd went berserk when the knockout blow landed.

This victory brings Lyoto Machida one step closer to his dreams of winning the middleweight championship. A question still remains. Can Lyoto Machida beat the UFC middleweight champion, Chris Weidman? Machida and Weidman are no stranger to each other. They have battled together before, and the result was a split-decision victory for Chris Weidman.

What would happen if Lyoto Machida could defeat everyone, but Chris Weidman?  Sadly, Lyoto would soon lose his newly crowned title to Shogun Rua.

The “Dragon” has had his fair share of ups and downs as of late. His recent move down to middleweight may prove to be successful, but can he ever defeat Chris Weidman? That question will always remain. Hopefully for Machida’s sake, he can find an answer to the riddle that is Chris Weidman.

For more information on Lyotos Machida’s future, visit Yahoo! Sports.

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