White Shark Media Success in Enhancing Online Marketing




Shopify says that White Shark Media is a company that offers search marketing services. The company is based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. According to its website, White Shark Media is a company that provides AdWords management services to its clients. The company is a Premier SMB Partner of the Google’s AdWords. Top Seos says the company was founded in 2010. Also, the company has 144 full time workers and 600 active customers.



How it Works



According to their website, the company opens from Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 6:30 pm EST. The company’s certified specialists offer assessment for their clients’ Google AdWords. They let customers know the weakness and strength of their Google Adwork. The company then says how it is going to help the customers and sets the price.



On their website, White Shark Media provides AdWords Management solutions in a special way through:



  • Affordable monthly prices of between $299 and $749.
  • Efficient communication which is done by phone or email.
  • The company employs only workers certified by their internal and other external standards.


White Shark Media is also on Google+ followers. On the platform, they share different tactics that online companies should adopt to be successful. They always keep their clients updated by posting regularly. For instance, they provide a procedure to running successful worldwide PPC campaign, how to set up successful Adwords campaigns, and new developments in Google Ads and Bing Ads among others.




Why People Trust White Shark Media



The White Shark Media has a page for testimonials where clients share their experience with the company. Some of the reasons why the people trust them are explained below.



  • White Shark Media has helped other businesses grow.
  • Most customers find the value for their money by working with the company.
  • The company has an excellent team of workers that has made customers always come back.
  • Other clients’ experience with the business has been fantastic.
  • Most of their clients’ Adwords have been successful.
  • Many businesses have been able to reach more customers hence expanded.

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