Will Thabo Sefolosha be Ready for the Next Atlanta Hawks Season?

According to an article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution, reports suggest that Atlanta Hawks player Thabo Sefolosha is going to be ready to go for the upcoming season after suffering a broken right fibula.

Sefolosha has been in the league for about 10 years, and he was acquired by the Hawks in a sign and trade deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder last year. He played in fifty two games for the Hawks last year before his season ending broken leg sidelined him for the remainder of the season. Prior to the injury, Sefolosha averaged 5.3 points and 4.3 rebounds during his 18.8 minutes per game.

The injury, however, was not from the basketball court. Instead, Sefolosha was injured during an arrest outside of a New York City nightclub along with teammate Pero Antic on April 8. After having surgery on his broken leg and ligament damage on April 16th, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that he will be ready to return six months after the surgery, which places him back on the court during the middle of training camp.

Perhaps Sefolosha will be able to put the nightclub injury behind him and focus on the upcoming season. It will definitely be difficult for the guard/forward to fully recover from an injury such as a broken leg when so much of his explosiveness off the ball depends on a fully strengthened leg.

Sefolosha’s injury will coincide with another new aspect of the Atlanta Hawks season, as Antony Ressler has become the new owner of the Hawks, buying the team from former owner Bruce Levenson. Levenson formed Atlanta Spirit LLC, now known as Atlanta Hawks LLC, back in 2004 to buy the Hawks from Turner Media, but sold the team in 2014 for around $850 million. Antony Ressler spearheaded a purchasing group which also included former NBA All-Star Grant Hill, Clayton Dubilier & Rice partner Rick Schnall, Spanx owner Sara Blakely and her husband, entrepreneur Jesse Itzler. Kessler is a long standing businessmen, who owns a private equity and investment firm Ares as well as working as a real estate developer. He initially worked to buy the Los Angele clippers last spring, but his group’s bid fell short of the $2 billion offered by Steve Ballmer.

With Sefolosha returning from injury sometime around the middle of training camp, along with Ressler’s purchase of the Atlanta Hawks, this team may be prepared to turn the page and look to the 2015-2016 season with great anticipation and hopes of a playoff run. Perhaps Ressler will stoke the roster and will work to invorgate the lineup with some new cash. Perhaps Sefolosha will return to his old form. In any case, the Hawks upcoming season will be interesting.

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